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Fighting Corona: Learnings from Successful Modelsto Overcome COVID-19

Fighting Corona: Learnings from Successful Modelsto Overcome COVID-19

Consocia Advisory has lot of expertise of Risk management, Business Continuity as well as Crisis management. In the current COVID 19 situation,Consocia on one hand is helping manyclients to restore business continuity and at the same time, in an effort to sharpen our understanding ofthe crisismanagement, we aretrying to learn from successes and failures in different parts of the world to manage Corona crisis -the biggest crisis the world is facing today.Different Cities/Countrieshave adopted different models to combat and contain Corona. A comparative assessment of these models and learnings derived from them -pave the road for devising future strategies.

There is no Silver Bullet: South Korea, imposed least restrictions, mainly because imposing regulations was easy due to immense social trust and availability of technology. As common people in South Korea are adept at using all pervasive technology,they used technology to contain the spread of COVID 19and leveraged people support.In India, becauseof different population dynamics, lack ofresources, low adoption of technology etc.containment zones have been created,the size of which is dependent on the population density and availability of medical resources, awareness of massese.g. the Agra model has larger hotspot zones. Political leadership used motivational messaging for self-regulationand lock down.

Corona Crisis Management teaches us: Despite having the same goal, authorities adopted for different approaches in aforementioned places. The biggest learning for crisis management professionals, such as ourselves, is that the point that there is no ‘one problem –one solution’.

Committed and clear Leadership, Early intervention, Close collaboration, Multifunctional teams, Strict SOPs, proper Escalation matrix and clear-cut Communication, Awareness at all levels and Constant Monitoringare thecommon golden rules followed inall the four models that witnessed great success. The key to success for business managers and crisis managers is to evolve and devise strategies which reflect their specific circumstances, business scenario, core competencies ,dependenciesand their target audience, asthere is no standard formula. Crisis Management would always remain an Art as much as its Science.

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