Dr. Kulwant Singh

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Dr. Kulwant Singh

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Kulwant Singh, presently the Coordinator of Smart Move High Level Group (India) of the Geneva based International Road Transport Union (IRU), is also the CEO of 3R WASTE Foundation (India).


Dr. Singh served as Chief Technical Adviser for the Urban Basic Services Branch of UN-Habitat, Nairobi from January 2004 to December 2008. In his role as the Chief Technical Adviser, he contributed significantly to policy dialogue with partner countries in Asia and the Pacific and in the design and implementation of a large number of basic urban services initiatives.


Since December 2008, Dr. Kulwant Singh has continued to support the work of UN-Habitat, with particular reference to the basic urban services comprising, water, sanitation, waste management, energy and urban mobility.

In this role, he has supported the Urban Basic Services Branch in the formulation and implementation of projects and dialogue with partner national and city governments. He has also significantly contributed to the normative work of the agency by contributing to papers and publications and represented UN-Habitat in regional and international fora on urban basic services themes. He has been a visiting faculty at UNESCO-IHE Delft and Institute for Housing and Urban Development (IHS), Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 2004-2011.


Prior to joining UN-Habitat in January 2004, he was the Executive Director, Human Settlements Management Institute, New Delhi for 12 years. An urban economist, he was a part of the Indian Economic Service from 1971-1992. He has published papers widely on the topics of urban management and provision of basic urban services.